Scar Reducer Cream
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Scar Reducer Cream
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A safe, non-toxic alternative to those foul smelling chemical medicines. Reduces and softens scar tissue to help minimize appearance and improve skin texture. Also good for psoriasis and eczema. Safe for all skin conditions, even for children.

Use twice daily for normal conditions. Apply onto scar surface and massage to help smooth out tissue.

Over time the scar roughness will soften and the scar redness will begin to fade and blend in to surrounding tissue.

NOTE: No product can possibly claim to eliminate scars but GW Scar Reducer Cream will lighten and soften the tissue to make it much less noticeable and much more comfortable.
$29.95 for the ready-to-use 4 ounce container, with FREE SHIPPING (we only ship this product to locations within the continental U.S.)
NOTE - if cream melts during hot weather shipping simply stir it up and place it in a refrigerator until it sets again. The product quality will not be affected by melting, and product does not require further refrigeration once set.

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Scar Reducer Cream
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shipped from October 1st through May1st due to hot weather concerns. If a BUY button appears you may order now.